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Hier wieder mal einige Vorschläge, wie man sein Team wirklich motivieren kann:

  • Get them emotionally involved
  • Know what a team is and how it works
  • Set realistic targets – no, really realistic
  • Hold effective meetings – no, really effective
  • Make meetings fun
  • Make your team better than you
  • Offload as much as you can – or dare
  • Let them make mistakes
  • Accept their limitations
  • Encourage people
  • Be very, very good at finding the right people
  • Keep track of everything you do and say
  • Fight for your team
  • Have and show trust in your staff
  • Respect individual differences
  • Listen to ideas from others
  • Ensure people know exactly what is expected of them

Und weil ich gerade dabei bin: Selbstmanagement:

  • Get it done/work hard
  • Set an example/standards
  • Enjoy yourself
  • Don’t let it get you down
  • Be consistent
  • Set realistic targets for yourself – no, really realistic
  • Have a game plan, but keep it secret
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Be ready to unlearn – what works changes
  • Have a Plan B and a Plan C
  • Capitalize on chance – be lucky, but never admit it
  • Recognize when you’re stressed
  • Manage your health
  • Be prepared for the pain and pleasure
  • Be decisive, even if it means being wrong sometimes
  • Have principles and stick to them
  • Follow your intuition/gut instinct
  • Remember that none of us has to be here
  • Don’t bad-mouth your boss
  • Don’t bad-mouth your team
  • Accept that some things the bosses tell you to do will be completely wrong
  • Accept that the bosses are as scared as you are at times
  • Show that you’ll fight to the death for your team
  • Aim for respect rather than being liked
  • Seek feedback on your performance
  • Be in command and take control
  • Be a diplomat for the company

Und wenn ich nur jeden Tag merke, dass ich etwas davon gemacht habe, dann war es ein guter Tag.

1 thought on “Rules of Management!

  1. soviel rules….Das beunruhigende ist, dass man pro Rule auch einen Fehler machen kann, gar nicht an die Auswirkungen zu denken, was passiert, wenn man mehrere Rules aufs Mal verletzt….

    Mich würde die Auflösung zu dieser Rule interessieren: „Know what a team is and how it works“

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