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Heute war wieder einmal ein Tag mit Diskussionen mit unserem Projektpartner. Im Anschluss an dieses Meeting, bin ich auf 100 Project Management Rules gestossen.

Rule number 18 – Most international meetings are held in English. This is a foreign language to most participants such as Americans, Germans, Italians, etc. It is important to have adequate discussions so that there are no misinterpretations of what is said.

Die obige hat es mir sehr angetan, auch wenn es ja kaum jemand zugibt. Die nachfolgende schenke ich dem grössten Partner in unserem Projekt:

Rule number 40 – A working meeting has about six people attending. Meetings larger than this are for information transfer (management science has shown that, in a group greater than twelve, some are wasting their time).

Und für alle Projekt-Manager noch diese Regel:

Rule number 69 – Never ask management to make a decision that you can make. Assume you have the authority to make decisions unless you know there is a document that states unequivocally that you can’t.

Und für alle anderen Manager:

Rule number 79 – Next year is always the year with adequate funding and schedule. Next year arrives on the 50th year of your career.

So ist das.

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  1. Diese Rule wäre dann für einen ganz speziellen Projektsponsor:
    Project Sponsor – The authorization and funding source of the project, this is normally the person who you are doing the project for.

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